Give Your HVAC System a Boost With a Wireless Remote Thermostat

Today, you can get much more out of your HVAC system than the basic benefits of heating and cooling.

You can maximize the potential of your environmental system with a wireless remote thermostat. This device is more than a control panel.

A commercial internet enabled thermostat makes use of Wi-Fi connectivity. The system works with a combination of sensors and advanced algorithms.

This kind of equipment provides enhanced energy savings. Indeed, an upgrade to wireless climate control is a winning proposition.

Keep reading to learn how to give your HVAC system a boost with a wireless remote thermostat.

Smarter Than Your Average Controller

A wireless remote thermostat is precise and informative. It’s also feature-packed. For example, you can use this technology to create temperature zone schedules.

You can also use a wireless remote thermostat to save on utilities. For instance, you can schedule it to turn off services outside of office hours. Likewise, you can program it to start warming or heating a space before workers arrive in the morning.

A commercial wireless remote thermostat can help with automated scheduling. You can connect thermostats with sensors that detect movement.

Manufacturers create programs that enable wireless thermostats to learn occupant behavior. This feature can help you optimize energy usage for various zones.

Over time, an intelligent wireless thermostat learns from the movement of occupants. This robust system makes use of self-learning capability.

This feature reduces the time that you spend programming the device. It allows the thermostat to learn to adjust to conditions as seasons progress.

You can also monitor and program it with convenient mobile access. Establishing remote connectivity is as easy as downloading a mobile app.

You can use the app to control and monitor the workplace environment. Mobile connectivity also makes it easier to respond to requests. You can use the app to check workplace conditions as needed and make requested adjustments.

Setting a Higher Standard for the Wireless Remote Thermostat

The Pelican wireless system offers extended sensing range compared to previous offerings. Traditionally, a wireless internet enabled thermostat could only manage one location. However, Pelican’s latest generation of thermostats can serve multiple rooms or a massive space.

It’s relatively easy to retrofit an environmental system with a remote control thermostat. After the initial set up, you can link several thermostats to a master unit.

The various units will then provide a precise measurement of the conditions in their zones or spaces. The system analyzes the conditions of multiple zones and works to keep areas at the desired setting.

You can link up to eight remote thermostats to a master unit. You can also prioritize zones.

Occasionally, zones can fall out of balance. When this happens, the Pelican wireless system can circulate air automatically.

This feature saves energy by moving warm air to where it’s needed. This method is a more cost-effective way to heat a space.

You can also monitor environmental conditions in real time. Using a mobile app or a cloud-based dashboard, you can review current and historical data. You can use this information to pinpoint areas where you can move air to improve the comfort of occupants.

When Energy Gets Smart

Realizing a return-on-investment in environmental controls is a challenge for operators. It’s often difficult to find a balance between investment and energy efficiency.

Historically, facilities managers have used statistical analysis to evaluate standard environmental systems. However, today’s environmental systems are complex and dynamic. Resultantly, this manual approach is no longer viable.

Fortunately, today’s generation of connected controls enables companies to take advantage of data. They can now use this resource to control and optimize their environmental systems.

Data analytics can help facilities managers and owners reduce spending. It can reduce the need to buy new equipment. The technology enables decision-makers to make better use of existing systems.

For example, analysis can aid facilities managers in maintaining equipment. It can help decision-makers identify faulty equipment. It can also help them to pinpoint poorly tuned systems.

Data analysis enables facilities managers to solve problems and make informed decisions. It also presents hidden opportunities to save on energy consumption.

HVAC Tech That Meets Commercial Needs

The Pelican wireless system makes it remarkably easier to synchronize thermostats and locations. It’s a scalable and secure wireless solution. The technology makes it easy to rein in the environmental controls for an entire building.

With Pelican wireless equipment, there’s no need to replace your entire environmental system. The company designed the technology to integrate with your existing architecture. It’s a convenient and straightforward way to upgrade your climate control system.

With a combination of indoor and outdoor sensors, a Pelican wireless system can help you to meet your environmental needs. As conditions change, the system can adjust with little human intervention.

The Pelican wireless system also offers redundancy. If a device malfunctions, the system will reroute information. This self-healing property ensures maximum uptime.

Commercial Equipment From an Industry Leader

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