Pelican Wireless System Review

What is a Pelican Wireless System

Pelican Wireless Systems is created by Pelican Ventures LLC, a company who is responsible for bringing us some of the most innovative internet and networking technologies. Pelican Wireless simplifies the normally complex process of synchronizing thermostats and locations.   

Pelican Wireless developed a scalable and secure wireless technology that allows you to easily establish control over all your building thermostats.  The thermostats easily connect to existing HVAC systems creating a simple, convenient, and integrated climate control.  Their wifi thermostats are intelligent systems that gauge the outside air temperature while using its external temperature sensors controls the temperature and adjusts accordingly.  The Self-Healing Mesh Network automatically connects between each thermostat to reach every single Pelican gateway. 

Pelican Solutions is designed for commercial buildings, schools, and the hospitality industry.  Multi tenant, corporate offices, single complex and retail locations, multi campuses, or even single school. 

The wifi capability of the Pelican Thermostat gives an organization of any size the freedom of controlling multiple sites with the easy to use Pelican app in the palms of your hands. Their innovative Online virtual management gives you the options for central scheduling, view historical trend data, provide real-time fault notifications and the ability to troubleshoot.

The Pelican Wireless is control at your fingertips. Pelican Solutions is a powerful energy management tool that is also affordable and intelligent.  Many corporations large and small are using Pelican to simplify how they control the climate in all their facilities.

Pelican offers a 5 year limited warranty on hardware components on any and all products developed by Pelican. Pelican Wireless’ Customer Service will swiftly take care of any questions you may have. 

There is no expensive infrastructure or WiFi connection required.

The Basic Subscription is always free. With capabilities to view, control, manage, and schedule an unlimited amount of Pelican devices. There are other options such as the Standard and Enhanced (for hotels only) plans that give more options with more user accounts.

Similar Products For Home Use

Pelican Wireless Systems is meant for commercial and industrial uses and could be compared to Google's Nest thermostat or Honeywell Home products. These consumer products make a smart home for cooling and heating but Pelican is meant for a smart business with similar features as leading consumer products with more flexibility and control.  

Pelican Wireless System Products

From their basic and most popular Internet Programmable Thermostat - TS200, to their Commercial Grade Temperature Thermostat with Built in C02 Sensor - TS250H their products aid in convenience, energy efficiency, as well as creating a smooth property management flow.

Pelicans Wireless Extended Range Gateway - GW400 utilizes intelligent wireless technology to provide a secure and reliable connection. The Wireless HVAC Controller Z8 is designed to replace outdated VVT, VAV, pneumatic, and dual duct systems with the ability to communicate with up to 8 building zones using Pelican’s powerful wireless mesh network. The Wireless AHU Controller Z24 has the same functions as the Z8 but is able to control up to 24 zones. 

They offer an array of temperature probes, Probe-T1 is a certified Pelican 10k temperature probe primarily used for detecting air temperature in an enclosed duct system, Probe-T2 is used for detecting temperatures in wet and humid environments, and Probe-T3 is for detecting temperatures of a pipe or metal surface. 

Pelicans PEARL Economizer and Demand Ventilation Controller on average saves 42% of HVAC energy costs. The PEARL provides you with virtual real-time and historical knowledge about how and what your economizer is doing, so you are always in control.


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