What HVAC Supplies do You Need to See You Through Summer?

Your HVAC system is the lungs to your home. It provides you with everything from clean air circulation to a comfortable climate, regardless of the weather outside.

As a homeowner, you need to regularly maintain and check on your HVAC system. The summer months are no exception! While your HVAC can function well on its own, it still needs a little regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly.

Before you start checking and messing around with your system, there are a few HVAC supplies you’ll need. Should you come across an issue in need of repair, such as replacing a filter, you’ll want to have the necessary tools handy.

Whether you’re a homeowner or an aspirating HVAC specialist, here are the best HVAC supplies you’ll need to see you through the rest of the summer!


HVAC systems consist of many different types of screws. Whether you need to access the ducts, parts of the furnace, or the air conditioner, you or your HVAC specialist will need access to screwdrivers.

You will need a set of different screwdrivers. Most homeowners and HVAC specialists should have:

  • Phillips
  • Hex
  • Flathead
  • Different sized bolts and screws

The more variety of screwdriver sizes you have, the easier it will be for you to find the right screwdriver for the job. Professionals recommend using screwdrivers with insulated handles as these will reduce your risk an electric shock.

Cordless Drill

Cordless drills are another essential part of your HVAC supplies tool kit. They offer power, portability, and versatility. Cordless drills with at least 18 volts of power and a set of bits including hex, Phillips, flat, and arbors.

It’s also handy to have 1-2 spare batteries available in case the current one runs out of power during a project.

Pliers & Wire Cutters

Besides the maze of ductwork, HVAC systems have a complex web of wires. Every fan, coil, and compressor needs electricity to function. When these parts start failing, a pair of pliers and wire cutters are valuable for cutting heavy wires throughout the HVAC system.

You should have a set of different types of pliers. Needle nose pliers are a must as they can reach into small areas, like your thermostat, to pull or cut wires as needed. You can find many great pliers sets with all the sizes you’ll need.

Staple Gun

Staple guns are an excellent tool for making repairs to your HVAC system. Homeowners can find them valuable for many other house tasks as well.

Most HVAC professionals will use the staple gun to secure the insulation in place or staple metal sheeting together. Depending on the HVAC repair project, you or HVAC specialists find several uses for a staple gun.


Every homeowner, HVAC professional, and general home improvement specialist must have a hammer in their toolkit. Hammers can perform a variety of tasks beyond just pressing a nail into a wall.

Hammers can be heavy and you won’t want to lug one around when you’re climbing around an HVAC system. Look for lightweight hammers with fiberglass or another durable lightweight material. A brightly colored handle can make finding the hammer faster and easier, too.

Pipe Wrench

Common plumbing tools, like the pipe wrench, are just as valuable for performing HVAC repairs. Pipes are running throughout your HVAC system, primarily in the air conditioning and furnace units. Should the pipes need attention, you or your HVAC professional will need a handy pipe wrench to make repairs.

Pipe wrenches are also necessary for installing a new heating or air conditioning unit. Both have several small pipes that will need attaching or removing. Look for durable and adjustable pipe wrenches from highly-rated brands.

Reciprocating Blade (Sawzall) Saw

Reciprocating saws have the power to cut through almost anything. These saws are extremely versatile for homeowners who enjoy DIY home improvement projects. For HVAC specialists, a reciprocating saw is valuable for many HVAC projects.

Look for a highly-rated saw brand that offers reliability and power. Make sure to stock up on several extra saw blades. A dull blade can damage whatever you’re cutting and be dangerous.

Shears & Tin Snips

HVAC systems consist of mostly metal parts. HVAC specialists will use several different types of shears and tin snips for HVAC projects. They use them to accurately manipulate and cut metal when repairing or replacing different parts of the HVAC system.

Long steal sheers work well for long straight cuts along with sheet metal. Invest in shears with insulated handles to also protect from electric shock.


HVAC technicians rely on thermometers to determine changes in temperature while they begin and work on an HVAC repair. Reading the temperature can help HVAC professionals determine what the issue might be.

HVAC professionals use specialized thermometer meters to accurately read room and HVAC parts temperatures. These are much more sensitive and robust than the thermometers you have at home for checking the outside temperature or a fever.

Mobile HVAC Software

As a homeowner, it’s unlikely you’ll need a wireless HVAC technology system. HVAC professionals will install wireless HVAC tech in a larger office, school, or hospital buildings to make controlling the complex HVAC system faster and easier.

Of the HVAC supplies on this list, mobile HVAC software is one of the most valuable tools. It helps troubleshoot and identify problems occurring in a large-scale HVAC system. The software also allows HVAC repair specialists to access information about the system. They also can view past work history, contact information, schedules, and more in one place.

HVAC software allows technicians to spend more time repairing HVAC systems and less time worrying about administrative tasks.

Replacement Filters

Every homeowner and HVAC specialist should have replacement filters on hand. Replacing your filters is the most common HVAC maintenance your system requires. Make sure to regularly check your filters to keep your HVAC system running smoothly!

HVAC Supplies Make Caring for Your HVAC System a Breeze!

If you want to keep your HVAC system running smoothly all year long, you need to regularly maintain it. Having these HVAC supplies readily available will make maintaining and repairing your system quick and easy.

Do you prefer to have an HVAC specialist check your system? Let us know and we’ll help you find the perfect specialist to assist you with any of your HVAC needs.

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