What Is A Pelican Wireless System and Should You Get One?

You can make your next smart HVAC retrofit a breeze with the Pelican wireless system.

The world is becoming digital. As this takes place, homes and businesses are becoming more connected.

There’s never been a better time to adopt wireless technology. Two things are driving its adoption. Those things are consumer demand and the Internet of Things (IoT).

These influences even affect the HVAC industry. The Pelican wireless system is a perfect example.

To learn more about the Pelican wireless system, keep reading.

The Pelican Wireless System Offers High-Tech Benefits

The shrinking cost of technology has lowered barriers for adoption. Now, it’s more affordable and provides phenomenal benefits.

For example, wireless technology makes it easy and efficient to control HVAC systems. Coupled with software, you can use the technology to visualize HVAC system performance. As with other IoT devices, the resulting data present the opportunity for analysis.

The Pelican system creates a wealth of information. That data enables enterprises to promote cost savings and increased efficiency. It also helps organizations better manage maintenance and the provisioning of HVAC equipment.

Also, today’s wireless HVAC technology is flexible. You can easily add new features and functions. It all begins with a device such as an internet enabled thermostat.

Over time, companies’ needs grow, and engineers roll out new technologies. As this happens, clients can expand on existing systems with ease.

Wireless commercial climate control also provides facilities with robust features and considerable redundancy. Each device in a wireless infrastructure creates a signal booster. Resultantly, signals travel across the least path of resistance.

This characteristic is especially beneficial in older structures. An older building made of brick or concrete construction can easily block wireless signals.

However, a wireless HVAC system will reconfigure quickly. It will reroute data if a device falls off the network.

Savings and Selling Points: A Technology That Pays for Itself

After installation, smart HVAC systems optimize the consumption of energy. They provide companies with invaluable information. That data enables companies to manage their energy needs better.

By analyzing usage data, enterprises can adjust their usage based on user behavior. With this information, companies can reduce their energy consumption considerably.

It’s easy to see the attraction to the evaluation of HVAC use. Savings in one area typically leaves decision-makers wanting more. This benefit might create the desire to want to refine other costs, such as electrical usage and water consumption.

Today, there’s a lower financial barrier to accessing technology. This benefit makes the proposition even more attractive.

Also, municipalities and agencies frequently offer tax credits. They want to promote the use of smart technology and efficient energy consumption.

Companies can also enjoy beneficial tax credits by using intelligent utility devices. Also, some utility companies credit organizations that curb energy usage during peak hours.

Intelligent wireless HVAC systems can also increase productivity. It creates a more comfortable environment for employees.

This benefit can boost staff member efficiency. Today, the benefits of HVAC technology far outweigh the investment.

Easy Installation for Your Next Retrofit

For contractors, the Pelican wireless system is remarkably easy to install. HVAC technicians no longer have to review extensive wiring diagrams for installation.

Today’s wireless HVAC systems simplify the planning of intelligent technology. It also simplifies procurement and deployment.

Also, contractors do not have to install wiring for every device on the network. The heavy lifting of the job is installing the wireless gateway. From there, the process of setting up an intelligent HVAC system is relatively easy.

Most often, setting up a wireless HVAC system is a straightforward process. The contractor will begin by mounting the brains of the device in a designated location. They’ll then mount any sensors that the client requisitioned for the project.

Next, they’ll install the battery. Now, the contractor can power up the system and connect the control unit to the wireless gateway.

This simple installation process reduces labor considerably. Wireless technology also eliminates the need for construction.

This benefit reduces employees’ exposure to contaminants, such as dust. It also reduces business disruption.

Clients who have embraced wireless HVAC technology have enjoyed reduced construction costs. They sometimes save as much as 61%.

Furthermore, they were able to meet their project requirements. Best of all, they did it within a price range that was well under the budget.

Engineered for Meeting Commercial HVAC Demands

The Pelican wireless system establishes the benchmark for commercial HVAC systems. It’s a highly cost-effective retrofit HVAC upgrade.

The Pelican system enables companies to enjoy many benefits. These rewards far exceed that of many competitors.

The manufacturer’s energy management system is a proactive solution for environmental temperature analysis. It’s also a boon for cost management.

The technology also provides clients with the benefit of web based connectivity. Operators can even manage the system using mobile access.

This benefit is an important feature for facilities managers. This connectivity gives them the ability to monitor continuously for emergency maintenance issues.

As a result, organizations can prevent considerable losses. They benefit by responding to these issues in real-time.

Source Your Components From a Trusted Supplier

Now that you know more about the Pelican wireless system, you’ll need to find a great supplier.

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