RFG-3W - 2.5-3.0 Ton RETURN FILTER GRILLE - 28X14

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The Bard 28x14 Return Filter Grille, model RFG-3W, exemplifies excellence in HVAC system components. This product, tailored to perfection for use in Bard Wall Mount units, is a pivotal accessory for maintaining optimal indoor air quality and system efficiency. Weighing in at a mere 8 pounds, this robust grille is engineered for a 2.5 to 3.0 ton capacity, ensuring compatibility with a range of applications within the niche of specialty HVAC equipment.

Crafted from high-grade aluminum, this grille is not only durable but also boasts an easy-to-clean surface, making maintenance a hassle-free task. Its dimensions of 28 inches by 14 inches fit seamlessly with corresponding Bard units, encapsulating the perfect balance between form and functionality. The inclusion of a sophisticated filter aids in trapping contaminants and particulates, safeguarding both the equipment and the indoor environment from dust and allergens.

As an integral component of Bard's wall-mounted accessories, the RFG-3W grille promises an easy installation process, enabling a swift transition from the box to operational use. It is a trusted piece for professionals looking to uphold the integrity of their HVAC systems while delivering a whisper of elegance to any space.

Incorporated into the expansive realm of HVAC equipment, this specialty product belongs to the sub-category of Bard Wall Mount Accessories, designed to seamlessly integrate with your HVAC system. Not only does the RFG-3W enhance the aesthetic appeal of your environment with its sleek aluminum finish, but it also ensures that your Bard units function at their peak with minimal intrusion.

To summarize, the Bard RFG-3W is a definitive choice for those seeking reliability, efficiency, and style in their HVAC system's supplementary equipment. Its strength, coupled with an unobtrusive design, makes it an indispensable accessory, fulfilling the diverse needs of specialty HVAC applications. With Bard's renowned quality assurance and the RFG-3W's tailored design, this return filter grille stands as a testament to the brand's commitment to excellence.

Brand/Manufacturer: Bard
Part #: RFG-3W
2.5-3.0 Ton RETURN FILTER GRILLE - 28X14 | 8 Lbs

Category: HVAC Equipment >> Specialty >> Bard Wall Mount Accessories

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