We stock many HVAC AC motors and have relationships with vendors to find a replacement motor, no matter how difficult it is to find.  These HVAC AC motors have many uses and typically found in air conditioners, heaters, compressors, fans, blower and pumps. Air circulation is typically offered by HVAC AC motors that are either direct drive blower or belt drive while room air conditioners (AC) motors circulate using AC motors. These motors assist with removing and getting rid of combustion gases in gas furnaces and other heating applications, equipment and appliances. 

We specialize in locating residential and light commercial and HVAC applications. Our motor types include indoor and outdoor blower fans and motors. It doesn't matter if the motor you are looking for is a single phase, three phase, has automatic overload protection or not or is a blower motor or condenser motor. Find the motor you're looking for online and buy with confidence at Cold Air Central. 

Send us an email to sales@coldaircentral.com with as much information as possible and we will look for a replacement.