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Motors & Armatures 79329 Stainless Steel Hose Clamp is a necessary addition to your toolbox. This size 248 clamp has a 1/2 in. band and can fit a pipe or hose with an OD up to 16 in. It has a strong, tension-resistant construction, making it ideal for applications that require heavy-duty clamping capabilities. The stainless steel clamp features a corrosion-resistant finish, making it perfect for damp environments or long-term outdoor use. Its rustproof design ensures long-term durability for years of reliable performance. It weighs only 0.203 lbs and can be used on a wide range of items from tubing to plumbing lines. This clamp is UL and CSA certified and comes with a UPC number of 685744793298.

The Motors & Armatures 79329 Stainless Steel Hose Clamp is part of the Supplies Major Category and falls under the Maintenance Sub-Category and Miscellaneous Product Type. This clamp is a must-have for any handyman's toolbox, as it can fit different sizes of hoses and pipe in your workshop, garage, and outdoor settings. Its strong design can handle holding tough connections together in heavy-duty applications. Plus, the corrosion-resistant finish makes it perfect for medium-duty outdoor use. This clamp fits pipes and hoses with a 14-16 inch diameter, making it possible to secure a range of sizes.

The Motors & Armatures 79329 Stainless Steel Hose Clamp is ideal for applications that require a secure connection. Its tension-resistant construction won't cut into the hose or pipe. This versatile clamp can be used in many applications, such as plumbing lines, air conditioning, and automotive cooling systems. It is also easy to install and remove when needed. With its lightweight design, this clamp is suitable for a wide range of working environments. It also comes with a UPC number that can be used for easy tracking in your shop. The keywords associated with this product are 79329, SIZE, 248, HOSE, CLAMP, 1416, DIA, 79329MARS53SSCLAMP, CLAMPS, 440, 79329SIZE248HOSECLAMP1416CLAMPDIA, 685744793298, TSC491734 and ITM413807.

Brand/Manufacturer: Motors & Armatures
Part #: 79329
UPC: 685744793298
Stainless Steel Hose Clamp | Size 248 | 1/2 in. Band | 14 in. Up To 16 in. OD | 0.203 Lbs

Category: Supplies >> Maintenance >> Miscellaneous
Keywords: 79329 SIZE 248 HOSE CLAMP 1416 DIA 79329MARS53SSCLAMP CLAMPS 440 79329SIZE248HOSECLAMP1416CLAMPDIA 685744793298 TSC491734 ITM413807

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