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943-0291-00 - Dixell XR Universal Replacement Controller
28918001S - Intelligen IRC Board Replacement Kit
LLT42 - 2 System Lead/Lag Controller With Enclosure
9145-00 - Universal Defrost Timer
8145-20B - Time Initiated
Paragon Electric 8145-20B - Time Initiated
Sale price$137.84
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16A60-9 - Temperature Freeze Control
C12-5010 - Temperature Cycle Control
Ranco C12-5010 - Temperature Cycle Control
Sale price$153.87
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1609-105 - Temperature Controller: SPST
1609-101 - Temperature Controller: SPST
1609-103 - Temperature Controller: SPST
A22-2451 - Room AC Control
Ranco A22-2451 - Room AC Control
Sale price$192.09
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A30-261 - Refrigerator Control
Ranco A30-261 - Refrigerator Control
Sale price$113.59
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A30-262 - Refrigerator Control
Ranco A30-262 - Refrigerator Control
Sale price$109.95
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A30-260 - Refrigerator Control
Ranco A30-260 - Refrigerator Control
Sale price$143.43
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A30-182 - Refrigerator Control W/Knob &Mounting Hardware
T6031A1029 - Refrigeration Temperature Controller
A30-180 - Refrigeration Control
Ranco A30-180 - Refrigeration Control
Sale price$115.10
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F25-107 - Refrigeration Control
Ranco F25-107 - Refrigeration Control
Sale price$173.59
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A12-700 - Reach In Medium Defrost Control
O10-1410 - Ranco Wide Range Temp Control
O10-1408 - Ranco Wide Range Temp Control
A877-20 - Multi Circuit Defrost Timer
RCS-2M-3K - Kelvin Scale Temperature Sensor; .5 Lbs

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